DATE 2020 Awards

PhD Forum Best Presentation Awards
supported by EDAA, ACM Sigda & IEEE CEDA

Alireza Mahzoon, University of Bremen, DE

is awarded for the presentation

Proving Correctness of Industrial Multipliers using Symbolic Computer Algebra


Behnaz Pourmohseni, Friedrich Alexander Universität Erlangen Nürnberg (FAU), DE

is awarded for the work

System-Level Mapping, Analysis, and Management of Real-Time Applications in Many-Core Systems

2020 EDAA Achievement Award

The 2020 EDAA Achievement Award ceremony by Norbert Wehn starts in the video below.

Luca Benini, ETHZ, Switzerland

EDAA Outstanding Dissertations Award 2019

The EDAA Outstanding Dissertations Award 2019 ceremony by Lorena Anghel starts in the video below.

Topic 1

Eric Schneider, Ph.D

Multi-Level Simulation of Nano-Electronic Digital Circuits on GPUs

Topic 2

Fabio Passos, Ph.D.

A Multilevel Approach to the Systematic Design of Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits

Topic 3

Ahmedullah Aziz, Ph.D.

Device-Circuit Co-design Employing Phase Transition Materials for Low Power Electronics

Topic 4

Innocent Agbo, Ph.D.

Reliability Modeling and Mitigation for Embedded Memories

Topic 5 (Quantum Computing Systems):

Alwin Zulehner, Ph.D.

Design Automation for Quantum Computing

DATE Fellow Award

The DATE Fellow Award ceremony by Norbert Wehn starts in the video below at minute 2:50.

Jürgen Teich, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, DE

IEEE CS TTTC Outstanding Contribution Award

Jan Madsen, Technical University of Denmark, DK
Giorgio Di Natale, CNRS/TIMA, FR

DATE Best Paper Awards 2020

The Best Paper Award ceremony by Cristiana Bolchini during her opening talk video below starts at minute 2:05.

Each year the Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference presents awards to the authors of the best papers. The selection is performed by the award committee composed of the Track Chairs Cristiana Bolchini, Theocharis Theocharides, Jaume Abella and Valeria Bertacco and the following members: Borzoo Bonakdarpour, Andrea Calimera, Ramon Canal, Luca Carloni, Alessandro Cimatti, Ayse Coskun, Nikil Dutt, Ioannis Papaefstathiou, Dionisios Pnevmatikatos, Davide Quaglia, Muhammad Shafique, Olivier Sentieys, Luis Miguel Silveira, Juergen Teich, Vasileios Tenentes, Jerzy Tyszer, Arnaud Virazel.

D Track

Impact of Magnetic Coupling and Density on STT-MRAM Performance

Lizhou Wu1, Siddharth Rao2, Mottaqiallah Taouil1, Erik Jan Marinissen2, Gouri Sankar Kar2 and Said Hamdioui1

1TU Delft, NL; 2IMEC, BE

A Track

A Flexible and Scalable NTT Hardware: Applications from Homomorphically Encrypted Deep Learning to Post-Quantum Cryptography

Ahmet Can Mert1, Emre Karabulut2, Erdinc Ozturk1, Erkay Savas1, Michela Becchi2 and Aydin Aysu2

1Sabanci University, TR; 2North Carolina State University, US

T Track

DEFCON: Generating and Detecting Failure-prone Instruction Sequences via Stochastic Search

Ioannis Tsiokanos1, Lev Mukhanov1, Giorgis Georgakoudis2, Dimitrios S. Nikolopoulos3 and Georgios Karakonstantis1

1Queen's University Belfast, GB; 2Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US; 3Virginia Tech, US

E Track

Statistical Time-based Intrusion Detection in Embedded Systems

Nadir Carreon Rascon, Allison Gilbreath and Roman Lysecky

University of Arizona, US

Best Paper Award Nominations

D Track

Fast and Accurate DRAM Simulation: Can we Further Accelerate it?

Johannes Feldmann1; Matthias Jung2; Kira Kraft1; Lukas Steiner1; Norbert Wehn1

1TU Kaiserslautern, 2Fraunhofer IESE

ESP4ML: Platform-Based Design of Systems-on-Chip for Embedded Machine Learning

Davide Giri; Kuan-Lin Chiu; Giuseppe Di Guglielmo; Paolo Mantovani; Luca Carloni

Columbia University

Verification Runtime Analysis: Get the Most Out of Partial Verification

Martin Ring1; Fritjof Bornbebusch1; Christoph Lüth1,2; Robert Wille3; Rolf Drechsler1,2

1DFKI, 2University of Bremen, 3Johannes Kepler University Linz

Gap-free Processor Verification by S²QED and Property Generation

Keerthikumara Devarajegowda1; Mohammad Rahmani Fadiheh2; Eshan Singh3; Clark Barrett3; Subhasish Mitra3; Wolfgang Ecker1; Dominik Stoffel2; Wolfgang Kunz2

1Infineon Technologies, 2TU Kaiserslautern, 3Stanford University

GANA: Graph Convolutional Network Based Automated Netlist Annotation
for Analog Circuits

Kishor Kunal1; Tonmoy Dhar1; Meghna Madhusudan1; Jitesh Poojary1; Arvind Sharma1; Wenbin Xu2; Steven Burns3; Jiang Hu2; Ramesh Harjani1; Sachin S. Sapatnekar1

1University of Minnesota, 2Texas A&M University, 3Intel Corporation

Backtracking Search for Optimal Parameters of a PLL-based True Random Number Generator

Brice Colombier; Nathalie Bochard; Florent Bernard; Lilian Bossuet

University of Lyon

GRAMARCH: A GPU-ReRAM based Heterogeneous Architecture
for Neural Image Segmentation

Biresh Kumar Joardar1; Nitthilan Kannappan Jayakodi1; Jana Doppa1; Partha Pratim Pande1; Hai (Helen) Li2; Krishnendu Chakrabarty3

1Washington State University, 2Duke University/TUM-IAS, 3Duke University

PSB-RNN: A Processing-in-Memory Systolic Array Architecture
using Block Circulant Matrices for Recurrent Neural Networks

Nagadastagiri1; Sahithi Rampalli1; Makesh Tarun Chandran1; Gurpreet Singh Kalsi2; John (Jack) Sampson1; Sreenivas Subramoney2; Vijaykrishnan Narayanan1

1The Pennsylvania State University, 2Processor Architecture Research Lab, Intel Labs

A Learning-Based Thermal Simulation Framework
for Emerging Two-Phase Cooling Technologies

Zihao Yuan1; Geoffrey Vaartstra2; Prachi Shukla1; Zhengmao Lu2; Evelyn Wang2; Sherief Reda3; Ayse Coskun1

1Boston University, 2Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 3Brown University

ProxSim: Simulation Framework for Cross-Layer Approximate DNN Optimization

Cecilia De la Parra1; Andre Guntoro1; Akash Kumar2

1Robert Bosch GmbH, 2TU Dresden

A Framework for Adding Low-Overhead, Fine-Grained Power Domains to CGRAs

Ankita Nayak; Keyi Zhang; Raj Setaluri; Alex Carsello; Makai Mann; Stephen Richardson; Rick Bahr; Pat Hanrahan; Mark Horowitz; Priyanka Raina

Stanford University

Floating Random Walk Based Capacitance Solver for VLSI Structures
with Non-Stratified Dielectrics
Mingye Song; Ming Yang; Wenjian Yu

Tsinghua University

Ternary Compute-Enabled Memory based on Ferroelectric Transistors
for Accelerating Deep Neural Networks

Sandeep Krishna Thirumala; Shubham Jain; Sumeet Gupta; Anand Raghunathan

Purdue University

Impact of Magnetic Coupling and Density on STT-MRAM Performance

Lizhou Wu1; Siddharth Rao2; Mottaqiallah Taouil1; Erik Jan Marinissen2;
Gouri Sankar Kar2; Said Hamdioui1

1Delft University of Technology, 2IMEC

A Track

GenieHD: Efficient DNA Pattern Matching Accelerator Using Hyperdimensional Computing

Yeseong Kim; Mohsen Imani; Niema Moshiri;Tajana Rosing

University of California San Diego

Achieving Determinism in Adaptive AUTOSAR

Christian Menard1; Andres Goens1; Marten Lohstroh2; Jeronimo Castrillon1

1TU Dresden, 2University of California, Berkeley

A Flexible and Scalable NTT Hardware: Applications from Homomorphically Encrypted Deep Learning to Post-Quantum Cryptography

Ahmet Can Mert1; Emre Karabulut2; Erdinc Ozturk1; Erkay Savas1;
Michela Becchi2; Aydin Aysu2
1Sabanci University, 2North Carolina State University

AntiDOte: Attention-based Dynamic Optimization for Neural Network Runtime Efficiency

Fuxun Yu1; Chenchen Liu2; Di Wang3; Yanzhi Wang1; Xiang Chen1

1George Mason University, 2University of Maryland, 3Microsoft

Go Unary: A Novel Synapse Coding and Mapping Scheme
for Reliable ReRAM-based Neuromorphic Computing

Chang Ma; Yanan Sun; Weikang Qian; Ziqi Meng; Rui Yang; Li Jiang

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

T Track

On Improving Fault Tolerance of Memristor Crossbar Based Neural Network Designs
by Target Sparsifying

Song Jin1; Songwei Pei2; Yu Wang1

1North China Electric Power University,
2Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Synthesis of Fault-Tolerant Reconfigurable Scan Networks

Sebastian Brandhofer; Michael Kochte; Hans-Joachim Wunderlich

University of Stuttgart

DEFCON: Generating and Detecting Failure-prone Instruction Sequences
via Stochastic Search

Ioannis Tsiokanos1; Lev Mukhanov2; Giorgis Georgakoudis3;
Dimitrios S. Nikolopoulos4; Georgios Karakonstantis1

1Queen's University Belfast, 2QUB, 3Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,
4Virginia Tech

Thermal-Cycling-aware Dynamic Reliability Management in Many-Core System-on-Chip

Mohammad-Hashem Haghbayan1; Antonio Miele2; Zhuo Zou3;
Hannu Tenhunen1; Juha Plosila1

1University of Turku, 2Politecnico di Milano,
3Nanjing University of Computer Science and Technology

E Track

Deeper Weight Pruning without Accuracy Loss in Deep Neural Networks

Byungmin Ahn; Taewhan Kim

Seoul National University

ACOUSTIC: Accelerating Convolutional Neural Networks
through Or-Unipolar Skipped Stochastic Computing

Wojciech Romaszkan; Tianmu Li; Tristan Melton; Sudhakar Pamarti; Puneet Gupta

University of California Los Angeles

Statistical Time-based Intrusion Detection in Embedded Systems

Nadir Carreon Rascon; Allison Gilbreath; Roman Lysecky

University of Arizona

Energy-efficient runtime resource management for adaptable multi-application mapping

Robert Khasanov; Jeronimo Castrillon

TU Dresden

CPS-oriented Modeling and Control of Traffic Signals Using Adaptive Back Pressure

Wanli Chang1; Debayan Roy2; Shuai Zhao1; Anuradha Annaswamy3; Samarjit Chakraborty2

1University of York, 2Technical University of Munich,

3Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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