Exhibition Theatre

Date: Tuesday, 10 March 2020 until Thursday, 13 March 2020
Location / Room: Exhibition Theatre
Jürgen Haase, edacentrum, DE (Contact Jürgen Haase)

In addition to the conference programme, there will be 11 Exhibition Workshops as part of the exhibition. These workshops will feature technical presentations on the state-of-the-art in our industry, tutorials, information on European research projects, a selection of special sessions from the conference and as a special highlight an Exhibition Theatre Keynote. The theatre is located next to the exhibition hall, close to the booths and the rooms of the technical conference.

The Exhibition Theatre sessions are open to conference delegates as well as to exhibition visitors.

Extensions and further details of this programme will be published on the DATE web portal and complemented regularly. Before your DATE attendance, please visit the web portal for an update.

Label Title Start End
ET3.8 Solutions for AI on Chip using Neuromorphic Hardware, for AI from Edge to Cloud and for Power-Efficiency Tue, 14:30 Tue, 16:00
ET4.8 Solutions for SiP Implementation, In-System Test and NoC/SoC Test Tue, 17:00 Tue, 18:30
5.8 Special Session: HLS for AI HW Wed, 08:30 Wed, 10:00
ET6.8 Solutions for EDA Design Environments Wed, 11:00 Wed, 12:30
ET7.8 SystemC-based virtual prototyping: from SoC modeling to the digital twin revolution Wed, 14:30 Wed, 16:00
ET8.8 MathWorks Tutorial Wed, 17:00 Wed, 18:30
9.8 Special Session: Panel: Variation-aware analyzes of Mega-MOSFET Memories, Challenges and Solutions Thu, 08:30 Thu, 10:00
ET10.8 Exhibition Theatre Keynote and Publisher´s Session Thu, 11:00 Thu, 12:30
11.8 Special Session: Self-aware, biologically-inspired adaptive hardware systems for ultimate dependability and longevity Thu, 14:00 Thu, 15:30
12.8 Special Session: EDA Challenges in Monolithic 3D Integration: From Circuits to Systems Thu, 16:00 Thu, 17:30