Dolphin Design

Dolphin Design
Dolphin Design
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Aurélie Descombes

1 bis A chemin du pré carré
38240 Meylan

Headquartered in France, Dolphin Design, previously known as Dolphin Integration, is a semiconductor company employing 160 people, including 140 highly qualified engineers.  

Their IP clusters, available for various technological processes and optimized for the best Energy Efficiency, feed their tailored, scalable and modular Power Management and Processingplatforms to deliver fast and securely ASICs, either designed by or for their clients. 

By the side of their clients, now exceeding 500 companies, they focus on human, inventive and long-term collaboration to enable them to bring products and devices, powered by innovative and accessible integrated circuits that minimize environmental impact, to the hands of billions of people everyday. In consumer markets including IoT, AI and 5G, or in high reliability markets, they unleash SoC designer creativity to deliver differentiation. 

Tell them your biggest dream. Dare the impossible. We tech it on.