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Intel Labs Europe
Intel Labs Europe
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Yulia Sandamirskaya

Lilienthalstraße 15
85579 Neubiberg

Intel is the largest semiconductor chip maker with platforms designed to work together - seamless, connected and puts the user at the center. The range of computing products based on Intel® architecture goes beyond PCs and servers and extends to tablets, consumer electronics devices, and more. Over the last decade, Intel has evolved from a company that largely serves the PC industry, to a company that increasingly provides the vital intelligence inside all things computing. Hardware and software products by Intel power most of the world’s data centers, connect hundreds of millions of cellular handsets and help secure and protect computers, mobile devices and corporate and government IT systems. Intel Labs Europe (ILE) is a central division within Intel that deals with research-oriented topics, which are supposed to be brought into future Intel products in a three to ten years timeframe. ILE has a worldwide presence and has some important Labs in Europe, among which the ones in Germany (Munich, Karlsruhe and Darmstadt). ILE deals with medium and long-term research related topics like quantum computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), dependable systems, autonomous driving, and security and safety, among others.