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CEA List
CEA List
Contact Person
Johanna Castan

2 Boulevard Thomas Gobert
91120 Palaiseau

List, a CEA Tech institute, carries out research on smart digital systems. Its R&D programs, all with potentially major economic and social implications, focus on advanced manufacturing, cyberphysical systems, artificial intelligence and technologies for digital patient. By developing cutting-edge technological research, the List helps its industrial partners to enhance their competitiveness through innovation and technology transfer.

Discover the most innovative demonstrators about advanced design & solutions for cyber physical systems, achieved by the Leti’s & List’s researchers:

SESAM, a fully-integrated CPS design platform

SPIRIT, spiking neural networks, parallel, low-power & low-latency computation

RETINE, programmable vision chip, high frame rate and low latency image analysishttps://bit.ly/35DWbYA