EP 4
Contact Person
Julien Ouy

320 Avenue Archimède
Les Pléiades III, BAT A
13100 Aix en Provence

ClearSy was founded on January 1st, 2001 by a group of engineers that had industrialized the formal modeling tool referred to as Atelier B, used in the rail transport industry to create safety software.

Clearsy was created on the basis of two principal objectives:

> To develop formal type methods and tools
> To develop software and systems that justify the use of formal methods

Today, ClearSy employs approximately a hundred engineers, consultants and experts in the regions of Aix en Provence, Paris, Lyon and Strasbourg. ClearSy engineers are skilled in various engineering fields (systems, mechanics, electronics, software, operational safety). They have IT tools and an electronic laboratory to create prototypes and conduct trials. Collaborations with laboratories and industrial partnerships ensure the production of the various system components (sensors and interfaces).